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Help us earn money for our PTG & school by patricipating in these ongoing fundraisers:

Annual fundraisers (see Fundraiser Team for how to get involved in the planning)

Baskets for Bobcats (through Oct) / link to basket raffle 

Mod Pizza (Sept)

Walk A Thon (Spring 2024)

Scrip Notes:

Scrip = gift cards that are used just like cash!!  Just send in your order with your student and your orders are sent home less than a week later.

There are many other participating retailers that are not listed on our Order Form. Visit the Great Lakes Scrip website ( to see the complete list. "Special Orders" can be placed at the bottom of the Order Form.


**The rewards/points you earn at stores like Fred Meyer or Safeway remain your rewards/points and are not in any way transferred to the PTG when you pay with these gift cards.**

Box Tops for Education:

All Box tops are now done in the app!  Sign in, scan your receipt within 2 weeks and earn!  

Fred Meyer Community Rewards: 

Fred Meyer will donate to the PTG quarterly.  Link your card using the Community Rewards section.  Use the organization name: Machias Elementary Parent Teacher Group. You can also use the organization number: JB832. 

Red Robin Royalty:

Sign up for Red Robin Royalty Account and select our school. Red Robin will donate 1% of your check to the school!

More information can be found on their website.

Direct donation to our PayPal account:  

Direct paycheck donation:

Some employers will allow you to direct a portion of your paycheck directly to the PTG and will match (or exceed) your donations.  Boeing, T-Mobile, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft all match donations and are paid out regularly.  Check your employer's handbook for details.  Email if you need the non-profit info for your employer.  Even $5 a paycheck helps!  

Box Tops For Education
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